“The opposite of poverty is not wealth. In too many places, the opposite of poverty is justice”

– Bryan Stevenson

Inclusive Justice
We Are...

We Are...

We are social justice advocates from organizations that serve rural and remote areas in the province of Ontario with a passion for inclusive justice.
Meet the Team

We are working on changing the experience of law and justice for people in rural and remote communities by creating an inclusive justice approach to the work we do and the work that our community does for people who have lived experience with poverty.
The Rural & Remote Access to Justice Boldness Project
We work in small communities with large catchment areas, in a province so large that our service areas are almost 2,000 kilometers apart. Where we live and work, people rely on neighbours for help because we have very few organized services.
(Rural & Remote) Communities

We Serve...

We Serve...

Aboriginal Communities | Youth Justice | Mental Health | Family Law & Domestic Violence | Elder & Disability | Employment & Social Assistance

Do you care about access to justice?  About social inclusion?  About the daily struggle for both of these in rural and remote communities?  Join us in our search for inclusive justice.

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